June 06, 2006

Sitemap 4

The Sabbatical: A Forced Hibernation
Build Yourself a DIY AM Radio Transmitter
Build Yourself This Cheap Tuned Radio Frequency Receiver
The Circle Of Life And Soul
An Anatomy of Noise And Its Implications
Brains of Guitarists in Unison Harmonize Too
Capturing Thought, in Real Time
Errors, terrors, statistics and a confession
The Versatile GABAa Chloride Channel Receptor Complex
Of Twinkling Nanostars and the Possible Application of Stroboscopes in Biological Imaging
To Unfold The Secret of Protein Folding, Foldit!
Atomic Force Microscopy: Feels The Atoms, Sees The Bonds
Metallica Goes The Stem Cell Way
A Tale of a Microprocessor, RISC and a Few Loops of miRNA
Fourier Analysis: The Art and Science of Finding The Needle in a Haystack
Mirror Neurons: Resonant Circuitry in Brain?
Mobile Phones' Impact on Health
Understanding the Basic Principles of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Relaxation in the Nuclear Microcosm
The World of Tractography Where The White Matter Tracts Appear Colored
fMRI, BOLD and the Beautiful
Studying Genes the Ophthalmic Route by MRI, and That too in Living Subjects
Suspended Animation: The Resurrection
Basic Concepts and some 'Assumptions' in SpikerBox Biopotential Experiments
Interpreting Rate Coding Data: Counting Spikes in a Tracing & Consequent Plotting of Firing Rate Versus Time
Surface EMG from Thumb: Strongly 'Opposed' ?
Making a Human Interface Device Using SpikerBox
Revisiting the Sternocleidomastoids: Accessory Muscles of Respiration

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