July 07, 2006

Websites and Blogs of Interest

Here are some blogs I am a fan of. Every blog has its own unique view. For example, 9 radical does things so analytically that you'll really like it. As far as the writing style is concerned, no one comes near Ed Young and I really envy this guy's presentation. Go through them and make your choice.

Anthropology blog
Caged Calcium
Cognitive Daily
Not Exactly Rocket Science
Microbiology Bytes
Will Ware's blog [Tinkering with USB hardware, Ubuntu, Django/Python, and other fun stuff.]
NeuroDudes (writes pretty well & arose, as he courageously stated, like a Phoenix from his days of drug abuse)
Damn Good Science Blog
Java Mobile & Ubuntu
Great Blogging Tips
To Go Beyond Yesterday
Cosmic Variance
The Neurocritic
Mind Hacks
Science and reason
An Unquiet Mind
Appetite for Profit
Wiring the Brain

AK's Rambling Thoughts
Challenge your brain, if you can (Innocentive)

Science Websites:
Nature Publishing Group
BioMed Central: The Open Access Publisher
Public Library of Science: Totally Open Access
Medscape/eMedicine for medical news, CME and related medical information
Wikigenes, (perhaps) all you wanted to know about genes.
WebMD for medical information
Scientific American: Resource for Astronomy, Biology, Health and lot more
Science Forums
ResearchBlogging: Research Topics, Peer Reviewed
The New England Journal of Medicine
ArXiv: Physics, Mathematics, Computer Sciences, Quant. Biology e-Archives
Nature Podcasts; Learn 'on the move'
IEEE: Get Engineering and Technology Related Info's Here
PubMed, A service of the U.S. National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health
Medical Physics Related Information

Electronics References:
The World's Most Comprehensive Source of Electronic Component Datasheets and Distributor Pricing
Electronic Component's Datasheet Search

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