July 07, 2006

Websites and Blogs of Interest

Here are some blogs I am a fan of. Every blog has its own unique presentation. For example, REWIRING NEUROSCIENCE does things so analytically that you'll really like it. As far as the writing style is concerned, I am a big fan of Ed Yong.

Anthropology blog
Caged Calcium
Cognitive Daily
Not Exactly Rocket Science
Microbiology Bytes
Will Ware's blog
Java Mobile & Ubuntu
To Go Beyond Yesterday
Cosmic Variance
The Neurocritic
Mind Hacks
Science and reason
Wiring the Brain
AK's Rambling Thoughts
Innovation, with an Incentive

Science Websites:
Nature Publishing Group
BioMed Central: The Open Access Publisher
Public Library of Science: Totally Open Access
Medscape/eMedicine for medical news, CME and related medical information
Wikigenes, Collaborative Publishing
WebMD for medical information
Scientific American: Resource for Astronomy, Biology, Health and lot more
Science Forums
ResearchBlogging: Research Topics, Peer Reviewed
The New England Journal of Medicine
ArXiv: Physics, Mathematics, Computer Sciences, Quant. Biology e-Archives
Nature Podcasts; Learn 'on the move'
IEEE: Get Engineering and Technology Related Info's Here
Medical Physics Related Information

Electronics References:
Electronic Component's Datasheet Search

Free USMLE Question Bank Step 1 (Lecturio)

Updated: May 25, 2016
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