June 30, 2008

Master Of Puppets Im Pulling Your Strings

Klein bottle and the recursive universeHow big is the universe or what is a universe after all? Well, a web search on the definition did not say much about these. One site described it as all matter and energy in space. Then we must ask ourselves which method we should adopt to detect these ALL matter and energy/energies. For example, a bat can not see. To this creature, the universe would appear as its tactile senses and the ultrasound echoes (bats use echolocation) would allow it to perceive. It thus appears that our observation is not only limited to the gadgets we build, but also the degrees of freedom (dimensions) in which we are accustomed to. We can't visualize 7 or say 14 dimensions, can we? What if the universe consisted of many sub-universes containing as many or as few of these dimensions? We may try to conjecture the infiniteness of the universe in our own familiar dimensions in the form of the 'recursive' Klein bottle (picture on the left), or the Moebius strip.

Take the case of those working at the Chandra observatory. They can see through X-ray X-ray galaxy clustervision and see the universe at a completely different perspective. The picture of one x-ray galaxy is given here, for your reference. Thus you have infra-red, ultra-violet, radio-wave astronomy and many more. If you are bit observing, you'd note that all those modalities cited above used the electromagnetic spectrum; perhaps because light's (and all other electromagnetic waves) speed were the highest and possibly also because that we can not imagine any other type of constructs of the universe(s), since we are slave to our senses and the dimensions they restrict ourselves in. We have seen how quantum theory can wreck havoc with our classical thinking, by its killer 'superposition'; its time we greet the new kid on the block: String Theory. If you thought quantum theory was too much, then this one is for you. Watch this fabulous video. Do read the text and ponder over them. It suggests that we are floating in a three dimensional space, surrounded by membranes. Even if there is 'another universe' nearby, we could not reach out of our 'braneworld' and see or touch them. So check out this video. Enjoy the possible proximity with another universe (may be God's own) with in your own reach but don't try to reach out; for they can't see you!

By the way, I think, gravity waves are a good contender in this regard. They are supposed to travel at the speed of thought. Secondly, they pass through all matter unchanged, beating even light in this regard. When we develop better SQUID devices, we may be better able to explore the cosmos.

BTW, the title of this post has been taken from the Master of Puppets song by Metallica. Here 'Master of Puppets' refers to God, and Strings to String theory. Nothing serious!

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