February 10, 2007

Radio Waves And Reincarnation, A Strange Connection

picture depicting reincarnation It is said that Jesus Christ rose from his grave. This may not be an Alfred Hitchcock potboiler.

The radio part: I listened to many short wave radio stations, in my younger days, in my native village, where the reception is excellent. The undulating sound due to ionospheric altitude changes had a special appeal to the inveterate dx-ers (dx refers to distance unknown) like me. I was also thrilled to 'listen' to the falling meteors (yes! meteors heat up intensely as they enter the earth's atmosphere due to friction, thereby ionizing the gases around. This in turn causes electro-magnetic fields
which can then be tuned by a radio.) and what not. The signal which is meant for the end users (earthlings) are actually thrown skyward! Funny, eh! Well, the signals bounce back to earth following the laws of reflection. There is a mirror in the sky, called the ionosphere, a canopy of charged particles that reflects electromagnetic radio waves in the short wave band.

Albeit, some fractions do penetrate the layer through and through. We can now receive the information that bounces back, and hear Tommy Vance (BBC: Rock Salad), Ray MacDonald (Voice Of America) or Michael Wagner (Radio Australia) and dance to the fantastic music they broadcast.

But this reflection doesn't end here. The wave again bounces back to the ionosphere (this time from the Earth's surface) and thence again to earth. This process continues infinitely, at least, theoretically. Does the signal strength ever becomes zero? NEVER. If you divide one (1) by two(2), you'll get half. Divide it again and again... Never does it become naught. Another thing in point is that information is never lost, as this is the fundamental principle of quantum mechanics which assumes that the information is 'imprinted' on a quantum state.

Don't see the point?: Well, I , you and all other in our lifetime leave traces of our thoughts and other abstract ideas in the form of electromagnetic waves (alpha, beta, theta, Gamma waves of the EEG, for example), which reverberate forever, as explained above. Anyone who can tune to this frequency, can theoretically 'feel' the same as the original . Thus, there could be so many "virtual identities" (electromagnetic wave patterns) floating in space. That is the electromagnetic identities keep bouncing back and forth between ionosphere and earth. Just as a monkey can compile a Shakespeare, in an indefinite number of tries; one person among say, quadrillions may likewise tap/tune to a specific frequency, which is already in the air--> thus may resonate with his own thoughts, thereby ensuring maximum energy transfer. The living person may now 'acquire' (by tuning) a long-dead person's thoughts. This is tantamount to 'reincarnation'. It is as if the person goes back in time. Doesn't the theory of relativity allow you, theoretically, the 'absurdity' of 'going back in time' ? (The theory of relativity would even permit you to shake hands with Alexander the Great, only if you could crack the speed of light and of course, given Alexander agreed to it :-)

Genetically, when you think of a clone, (say Dolly, that Ian Wilmut created using cells from a cow's udder), where the offspring's genes are identical to the parental genes; then it could be possible to imagine some degree of chromosomal parallelism among the huge populace on earth. Such type of genetic makeup doesn't usually occur normally but in the same vein we can not deny the existence of 'atavism'. Though the possibility of an exact genotype by normal means is infinitesimally low, but not impossible. The idea of reincarnation should not be debunked as long as science disproves its existence, authoritatively. In one research, carried out by Ian Stevenson and colleagues on reincarnation, it was found that birthmarks correlated precisely with wounds in the previous life.

I am a huge fan of Iron Maiden. Read the lyrics of this song (infinite dreams) about his view on reincarnation here and listen to it if you like:

"There's got to be just more to it than this
Or tell me why do we exist
I'd like to think that when I die
I'd get a chance another time
And to return and live again
Reincarnate, play the game
Again and again and again."

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