April 02, 2007

Pirates of the Caribbean

While the cricket world cup 2007 is underway in the West Indies islands, a sad incident occurred. Bob Woolmer, the Pakistan cricket coach died in his hotel room in Kingston, Jamaica. Born in Kanpur, India, Woolmer was a pleasing personality. His death was thus mourned by many.

People said that Bob was saddened by Pakistan's defeat to novice Ireland, which led to the exit of his team from the world cup. He supposedly could not could not bear the stress anymore as he was already under tremendous stress. Things took a new turn when new evidences cropped up and it was suggested that Woolmer was strangled to death. The betting mafia, which put heavy stakes on this lottery like win or loss situation, was considered responsible for the gruesome act. Hansie Cronje, the South African cricketer was also slaughtered this way, when his plane 'developed a snag' and he died. Jamaica has long been known as a safe haven for criminals. Bob, the man who knew too much, was about to write a book on betting. But he was forced to bid Jamaican farewell instead!

The scenario even changed again when Mark Shields, Jamaica’s Deputy Commissioner of Police, who is investigating the case, was alerted by a tip off that the coach might have died as a consequence of aconite poisoning. Things began to fall in place like a jigsaw puzzle as it explained why Bob, who was physically so well built, gave himself up so easily to his killers. It is one of the best poisons as it can not be detected easily on post mortem examinations, the bitter sweet taste in the mouth can be easily masked, and death resembles natural causes (by heart failure or asphyxia). Aconitine, is the most active principle of the plant. The root of the aconite plant (the most frequently used part of the plant). which resembles horse radish, (an ingredient of salad), acts on the heart to cause fatal arrhythmia in addition to causing gastro-intestinal upset and asphyxia. The root, traditionally, have been applied on arrow-heads by tribals, mixed with alcohol or natural water resources (in Sikkim, India, many British troops died when a fountain was poisoned by local people). Accidental poisoning is also common since it resembles horse radish.

Whatever be the case, the perpetrators must be found out and be given exemplary punishment, as soon as possible. Truth must prevail.

May his soul rest in peace.
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