March 09, 2007

Women On Top

photograph of gleeful and joyous womenToday, the 8th of March, is the International Women's Day. Lets celebrate one more time to the health of the fairer sex. Though throughout the animal kingdom(almost), it is the male who looks better than the other of the species (take the case of a lion or a horse or a peacock, you will instantly realize who looks better), in the case of human beings, the situation is starkly the opposite. The females have a melodious voice, a glowing skin, a beautiful figure and what not.

They even have the genes on their side. When one considers the sex chromosomes, there are two X chromosomes in females vs one X and one Y chromosomes in the males. That way, they have less of many diseases including hemophilia. But they pass the bad genes onto the hapless male offspring, courtesy a poor Y chromosome. Their roles as mothers, daughters, girlfriends, or wives (bear in mind that not all wives are bad!), are irreplaceable in the society.

We must also be grateful to them that they don't eat us alive. Look at the sexual cannibalism that goes in the animal kingdom. Though the term is sexual cannibalism, actually it means devouring of the males by the females, always. It is practiced by the spiders, scorpions, mantids, and others. We are lucky, in that we are not bullied to that extent. We are a wee bit safer at the top ( of the pyramid) of the evolutionary tree.

So, next time don't grieve for the black widow spider, shed your tears for the male spider instead. God save the queen, and to hell with the king. Who bothers?

P.S. This article is dedicated to the most beautiful creatures on earth. Though some jokes have been cracked, it is really them who make us smile. Femme fatale, cherchez la femme, etc., are not only misleading but also misogynistic. I would rather say: 'No woman no smile' ( to rhyme like the Boney M).
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