December 13, 2006

Alice In Stephen Hawking's Land

Alice in Wonderland Syndrome depicting surrealistic checkerboard patternsCome, switch on darkness
Null all the fractals of runaway thoughts in antiphase
To bask in the serene divinity

Come, throw open the doors of perception
and look beyond the event horizon
wake up to a new dawn

Soak in the black body radiations of the super consciousness
only to merge with the microcosm of quarks
discover your real self
as you have wished for ages
in your subconscious.

Paradise Regained

Explaining my stand:

We can switch on light and not darkness. But it could be possible, if we mixed vibrations of a waveform of equal frequency and amplitude, but 180 degree out of phase. Do we see those crest and troughs anymore? The light has been extinguished by its own cousin in antiphase. We could also produce darkness using strong gravitational field of a black hole, for example.

Darkness opens a vast new window for us, as it did in Hellen Keller! Because, by stopping all the visual inputs, any visual 'trespass' messing up with the thought process will be prohibited. We may even be able to 'look' beyond the forbidden event horizon, where time (age) stands still. A thought is bounded by no limits.

Black holes do radiate, but this radiation do not give out any 'meaningful secret' that we may hope to decipher. Basking in this beam incognito will be real grand, isn't it?
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